Curling your hair with a flat iron is one in all the most effective beauty hacks to possess in your repertoire. Not solely can you recognize the way to produce attractive curls, it conjointly saves you cash since you don’t get to obtain each a flat iron and a home appliance. one in all the foremost frustrating things is to curve your hair solely to possess it to fall straight a couple of hours later. the following pointers and tutorials can teach you the way to curve your hair with a flat iron and build long-lasting curls that look superb all day!

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron: seven Tips & Hacks

1.Use a skinny Flat Iron
The ideal size for your flat iron is one to a pair of inches wide. A flat, paddle-style iron won’t curl because it is going to be too laborious to wrap and your hair won’t keep within the right place. an honest quality flat iron can curl your hair higher than one that’s ten years previous, and you must heat it up to regarding 350 degrees.

2.Apply Heat Protectant
You should be applying a heat protectant spray to your hair any time you employ a hot tool on your strands. this can shield your hair from harm and conjointly facilitate your curls last longer. It ensures your hair doesn’t fry or burn, making a protecting barrier between your hair and therefore the iron. check that to urge all layers of your hair therefore all of your strands are totally protected.

3.Section Your Hair
It will be easier to curve your hair if you half it into sections. The thicker your hair, a lot of sections you’ll want so as to curve your entire head properly. an honest rule of thumb is functioning with 1-2 in. sections at a time and promise the remainder of your hair up. Going from very cheap to prime makes the foremost sense, therefore, you’ll clip the remainder of your hair to the highest of your head.

4.Add Hairspray For Hold
If your hair incorporates a laborious time holding curls, spray hairspray on every section right before you curl it. this can facilitate your curls hold their form and guarantee they’re long-lasting. simply check that to not use an excessive amount of hairspray. You don’t wish your strands to be stale and crisp. the planning you would like
Do you wish smaller, tight curls or loose, wavy curls? Curling your hair in smaller sections can provide you with the previous, whereas larger sections can end in the latter. you’ll opt to follow one vogue or combine it up! You don’t get to do all of your hair within the same vogue unless you would like to of course!

6.Master Your Technique
Start by taking a tiny low section of your hair and smoothing it out on the basis. Twist the flat iron at a hundred and eighty-degree angle and begin to softly pull the device down the length of your hair. The faster you swish the flat iron through your hair, the looser the wave is going to be. If you would like tighter curls, glide the flat iron slowly down the hair shaft. Once you’ve curled the complete length, twist the curl around your finger to stay the hold, and for a looser look, pull the strand straight and expect it to chill.

7.Run Your Fingers Through Your Curls
When you’ve finished curling your hair, run your fingers through your curls to interrupt them up and build them look a lot of natural. Spritz your hair with some texture spray and you’re off!


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